Friday, March 28, 2008

Week 2

The men and women took the floor tonight doing either the Mambo or Quickstep. This ought to be interesting doing the Quickstep so early in the season when these stars haven't had a chance to break in with an easier dance.

Steve & Anna - Mambo - Again, what is it with the huge facial expressions he's making? He seems to really love doing this and has a great outlook on this. He's trying hard and I'm sure he'll be a crowd favorite. But he's not great...just ok.
Judges score - 16/30, mine 6/10

Christian & Cheryl - Quickstep - this is a hard dance and I thought they did a good job but it seems the judges weren't overly thrilled. Are they giving this guy a harder time because he's Latin and should have good rhythymor something? He's CUTE! ah well...
Judges: 20/30, me 7/10

Monica and Jonathan - Mambo - eeesh, I don't think she can pull off loosening up and swishing her skirt. It doesn't work. She looks stiff. She did try hard, but I really think it her dances have come to an end...or should anyway.
Judges: 15/30, me 5/10

Penn & Kym - Quickstep - oh dear.... the dance may be quick, but he really does look like a bit of a giant in a tutu and the magic bit at the beginning was just plain daft. He seemed irritated by the judges remarks. They do sound harsh.
Judges: 17/30, me 5/10

Priscilla & Louis - Mambo - Go mamma, shake that skirt! She is much more fluid and swishy than Monica, she's just plain GOOD! The judges give her a bit of a hard time for not being sexy enough, but I think she did a great job.
Judges: 21/30, me 8/10

Shannon & Derek - Quickstep - They did a really nice job, but I can't find anything to warm up to this star. She's alright. The judges love her though for this dance.
Judges: 24/30, me 7/10

Jason & Edyta - Mambo - WOW, again, for a football player, this guy is a great dancer. And he doesn't carry himself the way other tall athletes in past series' have, where they kind of hunch their shoulders. He has great posture and once again, he looks great with Edyta. And DO the judges love him or what!
Judges: 27/30, me 9/10

Marissa & Tony - Quickstep - Whe I saw they were doing the quickstep, I thought cripes, you'll never see them. They will just be a blur on the screen with all of her pent up frenetic energy....whirrrrrrrrrr! They were good though and she seemed to settle down and focus more. She had the energy, but it wasn't crazy.
Judges: 21/30, me 7/10

Adam & Julianne - Mambo - errrr, ok, let's just say it was a bit odd and that Julianne won't be staying around longer than her brother.
Judges: 19/20, me 6/10

Marlee & Fabian - Quickstep - At some point in this dance I did fall asleep, thank god for DVR. Upon rewatching, this time with my eyes open, I thought they were ok. I liked her better this week than last. She seemed more fluid and I liked her dress. As an aside, too bad there can't be points added or subtracted for their outfits...hehe...a Project Runway meets Dancing with the Stars. Anywhoo, not bad and the judges thought so too.
Judges: 24/30, me 7/10

Kristi & Mark - Mambo - and whoa! They hit a homerun again! They do a difficult dance, even I can tell that and pull some cool moves. But I'm not crazy about Kristi's dress or gloves at all...what's up with that??? She's a serious contender. I hope I don't jinx it though. Look what happened to Sabrina last year...
Judges: 27/30, me 9/10

Mario & Karina - Quickstep - The dance started with her flying into his arms from a few steps above him. Let's just say I wouldn't have been sorry to see him accidentally not quite catch her properly...ahem. I know that's not fair. He did a great job and seems like a nice guy. I imagine this causes a bit of flack for his rep....hehehe.
Judges: 26/30, me 9/10

For me Kristi and Priscilla are the best of the ladies and Jason and Christian are the best men. At the bottom I'd put Monica and Marrissa and Adam and Penn.

On elimination night I never watch the show, just the last 5-10 minutes. I just can't bear all of that filler, recapping, and singing and dancing from people I don't care to watch.

In the end, Penn and Monica went surprise.

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