Friday, March 21, 2008

grrrr Trader Joe's!

Trader Joe's is starting to get on my last nerve now. It seems everytime I go in there the product I'm looking for is "no longer carried". I went in there today for panko bread crumbs. Knowing that they make a panko-crusted ckicken breasts, I kinda thought they might carry the bread crumbs and besides...panko bread crumbs are not THAT unusual. But no, it seems that when a product is in the bottom 100 of their products, it gets rotated out of stock for something else. Apparently it's been the way they do things for over 50 years. Hmmm, I didn't know TJ had been around for 50 years. The chirpy (why are they all so chirpy anyway) TJ employee said that sometimes items get rotated back in because of demand but that these had alread been rotated back in once and he doesn't think they will be back. And then he just annoyed me by saying, it's all the products he loves too, so he felt my pain.... oi!

So off to Whole Foods I was....and yep they had organic panko bread crumbs. Organic...hmph...I don't think EVERYTHING needs to be organic. But they weren't a bad price........ for Whole Paycheck.

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