Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well it seems like Peep Diorama Contests are peeping out all over the place. The Chicago Tribune invited Peep lovers to create a diorama and send a picture in for a public vote. Well the top 10 finalists have been named and it's time to vote. The winner will be announced on, well, of course....Easter! Go HERE to vote! I won't say which is my favorite of the bunch, but it's not looking good so far for my pick.

I'm not sure how this contest started, but it might have been because of the overwhelming success of the Washington Post's first ever Peep Diorama contest last year. (The pic is of the winner, Peeps are a Girl's Best Friend). Who knew there are people out there who would have so much time on their hands to create a diorama out of Peeps...and in the case of the Chicago Tribune contest, for the staggering $101 prize. I love it though! I wish I were that creative. The only thing I do with my Peeps is let them get stale by puncturing a hole in the Peep box and then enjoying the hardened exterior/gooey interior. I'm glad they've introduced Peeps for other holidays now...cat and ghost Peeps for Halloween and tree and snowman Peeps for Christmas...hehehe. I've never tried any of the other microwave-related Peep experiments, mainly because I don't want to blow up my 20 year old microwave over some Peeps!

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