Monday, March 3, 2008

How did I miss my flight?

I couldn't get to the airport on time. I had an international flight which was departing at 12:30pm. I was going to a couple of European countries. My plan was to get to the airport by 10:00am. My parents were picking me up to take me to the airport. But I as I was doing the last minute stuff you do before you leave on a trip, one of my neighbors dropped by with some sets of keys for apartments that I had to check on when I got back. The people whose apartments I was going to be watching were also going to be on vacation. One of those people was Spinelli (more on that later.) Somehow I missed my parents. So I thought I'd catch a cab. The only one available to the airport already had two passengers...two Italian brothers on their way to Florida. They had to make a stop at this shop and since I was butting in on their cab ride, I couldn't very well complain. I was still ok with time. I figured as long as I got to the airport by 10:30, I'd still be ok. So I went in the shop with the Italians, and they had the cutest tiny vases made of all different colored mosiac glass. I'm turning around and I saw this huge plate hurtling toward the ground. But it didn't crash, it didn't even break. It was plastic. I lost the Italians somewhere in the shop and decided I'd go back home and check to see if my parents were waiting for me. I figured, as long as I got to the airport by 11:00, I'd still be ok. When I got back, there was painting going on in the hallway and my apartment door was open. All of my furniture was stacked up in a strange way and I saw my stepfather moving things around. And then I saw my mum coming toward me, with a short soft cast on her left arm. It seems she'd had an accident and that was why they didn't make it to may apartment earlier, and their phone wasn't working. And I thought well, ok, now they are here, but I don't think I can make the flight if I get to the airport at 11:30, what with the way you have to check in by a certain time before they close check-in to the flight.

AND THEN I WOKE UP!!!!!!!!!! I'll never know if I made the flight, what kind of accident my mum was in, why there was only one door that worked to get in the cab, where my husband was, why my stepfather was in shorts and what he was doing moving my furniture around, and why was I watching the apartment of the uber-hacker and slightly misunderstood guy from my soap, General Hospital???

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