Monday, April 7, 2008

Where are the cat carriers????

I'm trying to nosy about and see what happened in our apartment building over the weekend. On Saturday afternoon, nine of the big hook-and-ladder fire trucks pulled in front of our building, there were two ambulances, about 4 cop cars, a mobile medical unit, cops on bikes making sure people were clearing the street and traffic was blocked off so it couldn't come down the street. Now, we live in a 13-story building and I know when an alarm goes off or someone calls the fire department, they DO bring the big units, but this was a massive response. Since we have a great view, we can see all of the action down on the street. Firemen were coming toward the building with all kinds of equipment and there were a couple of firemen about ready to open the fire hydrant across the street. I've lived in this building a long time and had never seen action like this. Of course I was thinking, I get the cat carriers ready, or what? The Hubs didn't think it warranted getting nervous over....but then again, he doesn't get nervous over anything. Random people on the street were looking at the building, so I opened the window higher to see if I could hear what was going on. No such luck. About a half hour later, the trucks and other vehicles started slowly leaving until there was just one truck and a few cops. I went out to the hall outside of the apartment and smelled the smoke. The fire escape stairs were smoky and I could hear people making their way either up or down the stairs. The elevators obviously immediately get shut off by the fire squad when something happens. One guy on his way up said he didn't know what had happened. Can you imagine how embarrasing it would be if you were the cause of all of this commotion for leaving something cooking too long on the stove....

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