Friday, April 11, 2008

Week 4

Ok, I'm quite a bit behind with this review, so I'll keep it kinda short and sweet...the dances this week weer the Paso Doble, a Spanish style bullfight dance and the Viennese Waltz, a floaty ballroom dance.

Kristi & Mark - Paso Doble - They had fantastic moves, there was good emotion, it was intense, but the song was a little bizarre. She makes it look so darn easy. They've had the highest overall score ever to this point of any of the dancers on any season.
Judges: 29/30, my score: 10

Priscilla & Louis - Viennese Waltz - At the beginning she said "Kristi, we're coming to get you!" lol I thought this dance would be right up her alley, and it was. It was flowy, she had good posture, and she looked beautiful in her dress. HOWEVER, unfortunately, at one point, both of her feet were off the ground in a lift and that is illegal, so the judges really penalized her.
Judges: 22/30, my score: 8 (taking away a point for the lift)

Adam & Julianne - Paso Doble - Jeezus, he came riding out on a unicycle and rode around for the first 15 seconds of the dance. It was quite stupid. When he finally did get off, she did most of the dancing around him. IT'S TIME TO GO HOME!!!
Judges: 19/30, my score: 6

Marlee & Fabian - Viennese Waltz - This dance just didn't grab me and there were times it looked a bit awkward and she seemed off balance. Strangley though it took Carrie Ann's brath away.
Judges: 24/30, my score: 7

Mario & Karina - Paso Doble - The dance was aggressive and he did this really nice cape work. It wasn't really crisp though and also had a strange song. And then Len said something about underpants older than Mario, TMI Len, TMI. LOL I think they are being tough on him, because they know he has the capability of doing really well.
Judges: 24/30, my score: 8

Jason & Edyta - Viennese Waltz - So she took him to Medieval Times to show him how to be a gentleman and he was dubbed Sir Dance-alot......okaaaay. But hey, it worked apparently and he got the job done. So much so that for the first time he was able to tie Kristie's score of 29/30. I wasn't that moved by it. To me he seemed almost too long and lanky to pull off the flow of the dance. But scores don't count, only the judges.
Judges: 29/30, my score: 8

Christian & Cheryl - Paso Doble - I just love saying his name... Christian de la Fuente.... anywhooo...He did a nice dance, and I loved that they used Spanish music for the dance instead of something funky that just has the right beat. It (and he...heh heh heh) looked great. But the judges felt that maybe the music overpowered him.
Judges: 26/30, my score: 9

Shannon & Derek - Viennese Waltz - Wow, Derek had an injury during practice. Apparently something in his neck SNAPPED!! So they had one of the already ousted professional dancers fill in while he was in a neck brace and the night of the dance, he took the brace off...eeek! Everytime he spun his head around I was careful! But they did a very nice dance, she IS getting better. And SHE got Len Goodman's first 10 of the season. hmmmm, sympathetic score?
Judges: 28/30, my score: 9

Marissa & Tony - Paso Doble - She is trying so hard! She's really got her bubbliness under control and is focussed. I was overwhelmed by the dance, but it was nice.
Judges: 24/30, my score: 8

SOOOOOOOOOO who went home??? YES! Finally, Adam! buh-bye....

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