Friday, April 18, 2008

New "do"

Life is good again. Well, at least my hair life is good again...
Back at the beginning of March, I did the unthinkable, I cheated on my colorist and not only had my hair done by someone else, but at a different salon. I knew immediately that I'd made a mistake. I wasn't happy with the results, the salon, and felt stupid for not just telling my original colorist that I wasn't completely satisfied with the results I'd gotten. So I sucked it up, knowing that she'd know immediately that I'd been elsewhere since my hair was a totally different color, but was also obvious that it was a professional job, and I went in for a hair color yesterday. I told her...aaack, I messed up and that I should have just told her I wasn't happy. She ust said she was happy to see me and that if anything ever isn't right, just LET HER KNOW! Ok, lesson learned. So she fixed what I didn't like about the last color job and the rest of the conversation was about the rest of our lives....just as it should be. And YAY, I LOVE the color, so it's a happy Caturday on that front.

Otherwise, I'm still not 100% back to feeling the way I should, so I'm taking it easy today. I just finished reading a book by one of my favorite mystery authors, James Patterson's 1st to Die. It's the first in a series of four (so far) books about the Women's Murder Club. I've seen promos for the tv show based on the novels, but I've decided I don't want to watch it, because I don't want it to mess with the way I've got the characters envisioned in my mind. I'm guessing it would be a bit off of the book anyway. I flew through the some 470 odd pages in this book; it was good stuff! So now I've got to get the second book....oooh! I'd been in a certain chick-lit phase because I'm in a chick-lit book club, so this was perfect for breaking that up. So with that book done, I've got to peruse my shelves until my next chick-lit book club book comes to me from Amazon. It actually isn't anymore chick-lit than 1st to Die. I'ts Jodi Picult's Nineteen Minutes, about a small-town highschool shooting and what would cause someone to do it. It should be interesting.

So that's it for today, I'm off to drink my Ensure and find a book to read.

Happy Caturday!!

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