Saturday, April 12, 2008

Caturday already?

All is good, even if it's raining. The Hubs got forward-moving progress on immigration paperwork we sent in over a year ago... YAY!!! I MAY be getting a lil promotion. I HOPE. I'm going to be given twice as much responsibility but all of the details haven't been worked out and a new job despcription needs to be written, so I hope that what I asked for, and this IS something I'd asked for, isn't seen as just ohhh, something more to do for the fun of it. Regardless, I know what my bonus for last year is going to be and I'm going to get it on Friday (saving for Peru), and I will also get my raise at the end of the month. I'm only getting a 4% increase, but I guess in these days, it's oh...better than a sharp stick in the eye (one of the stepfather's fav phrases...hehe.) Let's see, what else? Tomorrow is my the Mum's b-day, and we are having a little "do" here. I won't say what the menu is because the Mum reads this..... *waves*. HAPPY BIRFDAY!!! And let's see how else can I wrap up this post of goodness... I got a new super duper fantastic hair straightener yesterday and if I can get my hair not frizzy in the summer, that will make me happy for the rest of the year. I could go on and on, cuz it's not only the big things that are making for a great Caturday... raise, bonus, maybe promotion, Mum b-day, immigration, but also the little things like finding a really nice smelling hand soap (almond and cherry bark or something....mmm, nice), having a nice new fan installed in our "den", and having free, pizza for dinner tonight. OHHHHHHHH, and I forgot, I'm going to one of my tea groups afternoon teas today. Chitter-chatter with the ladies and finger sammiches, scones and tea. You's a great day. Even if it is raining.

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