Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What day is it?

Oh, it' s only Tuesday... *sigh*

It IS April Fool's Day though and I already warned the Hubs that jokes to wind me up weren't going to be appreciated today. I'm grumpy, crabby, moany. Bahhh. Poor him when he gets home tonight. LOL I'll try to be nice. But well, it's just that, ARRRRRGH, it's well, a "feminine time". How's that for sugar coating it? Get the hot chocolate, Ibuprofen and heating pad.


I'll be putting up my review of DWTS tomorrow after they bump the next star tonight. I'm thinking Adam Carolla will be on his way home.

And tonight for dinner the Hubs and I will be having leftover Peruvian food from the restaurant we went to on Saturday to celebrate our Peruvian trip. OMG! Was the food good, but they gave soooo much of it that we each went home with about 2 more meals each. And all that for $42!!! I had anticuchos, the beef heart ones....mmm. And a steak with rice and potatoes in cream cheese sauce of some kind. Hubs had a bowl of soup that would was more like the size of a pot with all kinds of veggies, chicken, and cilantro. Then he had some kind of beef cooked in beer (LOL), with peppers and onions and stuff, and served with arroz & frijoles. The restaurant was this small place, not much to look at and in a strip mall, but really good. They are BYOB, but if you bring some Peruvian Pisco, they'll make a pitcher of pisco sours for you! I don't drink much and I easily downed a glass....really good! I think we'll have our leftovers with the latest episode of Everyone Hates Chris. That show cracks me up! And I need that today.

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