Saturday, April 5, 2008

So glad it's Caturday

I was thinking about a few things that got on my last nerve on Thursday and Friday and I wonder, why do people do these things? Is it okay to be so totally into yourself that you don't notice you are infringing upon someone else's either space?

I was in the elevator yesterday in my apartment building and there was this guy yapping on his cell phone. Not being one who finds it necessary to be obsessively attached to my cell phone, I can't imagine who I would find it urgently imperative that I speak to in the elevator. But, as the elevator is not the best place to have a cell phone conversation, obviously because you are basically in a little box, you have to talk louder, say "WHAT, I CAN'T HEAR YOU", a lot, and reiterate numerous times that you are in the elevator, so hang on. For FRICK SAKE! Arrrrrrrrrgh! This is a 5 ' x 5' BOX! I don't want to have to be subjected to your inane conversation. Why can't we just go back to the days when everyone stared uncomfortably at the ceiling, in silence, or at floor numbers as they go up or down. I have a lot of gripes about people and their cell phones, so I'm sure at some point I'll do a 10,000 word rant on this blog....hehehe.

On Thursday, I was on the bus on my way home from work. Oh, hang on, just as a side note, I can also do a 10,000 word rant on people on the bus and the bus service in general, so just keep that in mind. LOL Anywhoooo....the bus wasn't crowded and I took one of my favorite seats on the bus because it is in the very last row, in the to the window. I like the last row because then you have no one behind you to bop you in the head with their briefcase when they get up, or no one behind you on their phone having an inane conversation (sensing a pattern here with cell phones?), and no one behind you to sneeze into your hair....aaack! So I'm sitting there, the bus is more than half empty, plenty of two-sie seats together for a couple sit together. That's why I was surprised when this couple got on the bus and he sat in a seat perpendicular to mine and she sat next to me. Since I had to look at his profile most of the way home, I'll call him Toupe Guy, for obvious reasons. And she is just Annoying Lady . It wouldn't have been bad if they just sat there, but they had this animated conversation in an eastern European language and everytime she thought of something new and exciting to say to him, she bolted forward and to the right...into my lap for crissake...and flung her arms about, flopping her shopping bag into me. Lordy, I wish I knew what the conversation was about so I could be either apalled or excited. But didn't she see me sitting there. And why couldn't she have sat next to Other Dude, the only other person sitting in the back of the bus. Maybe he could have sympathized with her obvious distress. Toupe guy just nodded sagely every few minutes. I hate the bus!

Also on Thursday, I was in the loo at work, in the far stall, farthest away from the entrance. There are five stalls and I was pretty sure the unwritted lady's room rule is that if there are ample stalls available, you don't go in the stall next to someone. I've talked with a co-worker about this, and we pretty much agree that if you go into the bathroom and there is no one there, you go to #1 or #5. If one of them is occupied, you leave a space between you and your co-tinkler. If #1, #3, and #5 are taken, have no choice to go in between two people. Sometimes though, in a split second decision, you can gauge who might be leaving first and you go next to them so you have at least one empty stall next to you. So I was surprised when I was there by myself in #5 and someone went into #4. Don't they know the rules????? The closest they should have gotten was #3. Sheeeesh!!!! I RAN out of there...of course after business had been completed. I didn't wait to see who the offending party was. But this brings me to another point about bathroom etiquette. What on earth makes people think I want to have a conversation over tinkle??? I feel obligated to stop mid-flow so I can hear them properly. NO...please at least wait till I'm washing my hands to talk to me. And god forbid...don't have a cell phone conversation in a stall. LOL

This is why I'm so happy it's Caturday!!!!!!

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