Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Week 3

First of all I have to say that I didn't make catch the first dancer so I can't give a totally accurate review of Marlee & Fabian's Jive. I did see a clip of it though and thought the little bit I saw did earn her her score of 21/ I'll go with the judges and say my score 7/10.

Steve & Anna - Tango - Again, he did a nice job, but it always seems like his facial expressions are almost mocking the dance. I dunno.
Judges: 21/30, my score: 7/10

Christian & Cheryl - Jive - Oooh, they were on fire! A bit maybe too out of control, especially at the end when Christian crashed into something or someone at the edge of the dance floor in the final move.
Judges: 25/30, my score: 8/10

Mario & Karina - Tango - Cripes! Who thought it would be a good idea to take Roxanne by the Police and turn it into some strange tango version. I can't help but think that the music, when it is weird like this does nothing to help the overall dance. I tango should be to tango music, not some freaky remake of a Police song. Anywhoooo, they seems a bit off and Karina looked a mess at the end! LOL
Judges: 21/30, my score: 6/10

Shannon & Derek - Jive - They did a nice job, but man were they wiped out at the end. So wiped out she had to sit on the floor for her judging.
Judges: 24/30, my score 7/10

Adam & Julianne - Tango - He didn't do too bad, for him, but he needs to shut his trap. He made these bizarre remarks at the judging about her dress, which was kind of strange net over peach fabric.... and his comments really are just uncomfortable to watch.
Judges: 21/30, my score 6/10

Marissa & Tony - Jive - This dance seemed like it should have been perfect for her, very high energy and bouncy. But she seemed to hold back and not really WOW the audience. And she was shocked to hear the judges calling the dance boring and not high energy enough. I would agree that she held back, but boring, I dunno about that. She's probably holding back because she was told she was TOO high energy and out of control in the first dance.
Judges: 19/30 OUCH!, my score 7/10

Priscilla & Louis - Tango - Jesus! Once again, she is smokin'! She did a great job, very firey. And her moves are great. It's obvious that she is a total perfectionist and takes the dances seriously. I hope she is having fun as well.
Judges: 26/30, my score 9/10

Jason & Edyta - Jive - Where the heck does Edyta get her dresses? This one, and I think I've seen this before on her in previous seasons, looks like pieces of floss atached to a bikini. lol The dance was pretty good, but the judges are expecting a lot from them.
Judges: 23/30, my score 8/10

Kristi & Mark - Tango - I don't know if they get a choice between the two dances each week, but for some reason I was picturing her doing this dance and not the Jive. This wasn't my favorite of her dances so far. I don't know what it was, and the judges thought she lacks emotion. Could be. However.....
Judges: 27/30! my score 8/10

Final placement: Kristi - 27, Priscilla - 26, Christian - 25, Shannon - 24, Jason - 23, Marlee, Steve, Mario, & Adam - 21, Marissa - 19

I thought Adam should go home even though Marissa was in last place. Everyone has an off night and this was hers. I think in the long run she is a better dancer. But I thought either Adam or Marissa would be the likely candidates to be chopped.

So was I surprised when their names were called as coming back next week!!!! That left either Steve or someone who would have been better, but not as popular, maybe Shannon. In the end Steve Guttenberg was sent home. Awwww...seems like a nice guy, but just with strange facial expressions.

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