Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I wonder...

I wonder, when did fortune cookies stop giving fortunes and start saying things like "others admire your generosity"? I got that in a fortune cookie today. That's NOT a fortune. I feel gypped.

I wonder, who was the first annoying person who said with sarcasm "is it cold enough for you?" or "is there enough snow for you?" when it's either cold or snowy. Yes, it's cold, yes it's snowing...and your point? This bugs me. We've had a cold, snowy winter and I've heard this probably no fewer than 10 times. I usually just say, oh, it's not that bad. Then they don't know how to respond because they were ready for a moan-fest about the weather.

I wonder why people who are texting as they get on an elevator, go through a door, get on a bus, etc, think that their time is more valuable and it's ok to hold up everyone else? Pet peeve!

I wonder, could I get a cashmere goat to produce wool for me, which I could then shear, learn to spin and then make socks, sweaters, scarves and mittens out of? I wonder if there is such a thing as cashmere sheets. I can't even imagine the cost if there were.

I wonder a lot of the time what is going through my cats' minds.

I wonder, how can people believe that humans are NOT having a negative impact on the environment. This isn't about global warming and/or cooling (because we've had one cold, snowy winter), it's really about why do we keep just junking up our 3rd rock from the sun. Why don't people care? George Carlin said it a piece he did awhile back....the planet will be here a long, long long time after it's kicked our sorry butts off. (he didn't use those exact

I wonder who thought it would be a good idea to put peanut butter AND grape jelly together in a jar and swirl it....because we can't have one jar of each?

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